Who are sugar daddies and why is this phenomenon becoming popular

April 19, 2017 | SeekingSugarDaddies.com

Seeking sugar daddies

Nowadays, more and more people are registered to at least one online dating website. There is huge market demand for such websites and there are different platforms addressing different types of needs based on age, passions, interests, desired type of relationship and other factors.

On one side there are fascinating men who did not meet the right person to spend their entire life with or simply men who do not want long-lasting relationships or even men who are available to dedicate themselves to someone but not want to have any legal ties. On the other side, there are young ladies who are not satisfied with boys of their age, who are single and want to have an adventure or just want some help from a person they might trust.

An increasing phenomenon is the young ladies’ search for sugar daddies who usually are older, independent men who have better financial situation and share some interests. This phenomenon is not new to our world: it is just on its way to becoming and being recognized as “socially accepted” principle upon which some sorts of relationships between a man and a woman can be based. Many might argue whether this new “event in humankind” is a feminist movement or an anti-feminist one. Even more so argue whether it is the men or the woman involved in such a relationship to have more power on the partner. Others, especially those who would likely open up themselves to such experiences, wonder what are the risks associated to these relationships and about the degree of safety for both of the counterparts.

Women have for long fought for their right to be considered equal to men and in some instances, such total equality has not been reached yet. This is why it seems natural to ask ourselves: is this a trial of females to get power over males? Is it the contrary? What are the effects of such situations? While there are lots of arguments in favor of both positions, one truth holds in reality: both of the parts that are involved give their consensus and are aware of the type of the relationship they are taking part in. No woman is forced to assume a personality she does not identify with and no woman is forced to give her consensus. Also, both of the counterparts are free to quit this “game” at any time they might decide to do so. Each of the partners gives something the other partner wants – so this is what one would call a win-win situation.

As far as the “power” is regarded, it is safe to assume both of the parts have the same power in such relationships. Women power in this kind of relationships is not based on their ability to “control the sex” since their partner, who is already rich, can afford to have sex with a prostitute at a more honest price. The true power of women instead lies in their ability to convince their sugar daddy of the fantasy around the relationship. Women usually might reassure these men that they are going to be there for them even if they did not have such a particular status in their life and even if they did not give money in exchange for their presence. It is not safe to say that men are the ones holding all the power in the relationship thanks to the fact that they are the ones who provide for money. The reason why this is so is that women, once graduated in a good college, might find a great job and become financially autonomous and they might get their dreams come true through their own hard work and acquisition of skills and earning respect in their field. Women, in such examples, would not need to depend on a man for their weekend shopping or their holidays or dinners at luxury restaurants! In any case, independent of gender, economic situation or beauty, there is the risk that both partners abuse the relationship. The best thing to avoid troublesome events is to clear the terms beforehand.

Find out the 5 most important reasons why students usually consider getting a sugar daddy?

  • 1. Get help to pay for your education. Do not be afraid to dare nor to dream big: choose the college you want to study in, get help in paying it. This choice will definitely lead you to a career that will give you the authentic respect and autonomous power. Reach your goals in an honest way. After all, is it correct that colleges charge so much and make education so inaccessible?

  • 2. Get your needs fulfilled separately and choose what is best for you! Do not stick to the dogma and think that every relationship must have some key basic ingredients that your grandmother talked about. Even in the best and most serious love relationship, it is very hard to get the same needs fulfilled at the same time. Being in a relationship usually implies sacrifice of yourself and of your dreams for a main common goal of you and your partner.

  • 3. Get attention and be treated as a princess as you deserve. Men usually need more time to grow than females do and this is why having a relationship with someone who is your age leads to some unmet needs and, in the long term, to dissatisfaction. Having an “older” man taking care of you, you will be sure that he will treat you in the way every woman deserves to be treated and spoilt. This will, eventually, help you grow personally and you will become more mature and understand what you truly want from your future partner.

  • 4. Feeling alone is another reason why more and more young ladies choose a sugar daddy! Men who engage in this type of relationships want someone to dedicate their time and attention to. Also, they need to feel that their presence is required in someone else’s life. The sugar daddy will give you more: constant support and advances in your life. An affluent, caring, sweet daddy is always there to help you come out of the darkest days!

  • 5. The chance to get all dreams come true! Besides constant attention, the sugar daddies will give young ladies presents, they will take them to dinner in stunning places and to amazing places during the holidays.