How to land a sugar daddy

July 4, 2013 |

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Appeal to a Sugar Daddy

1. Be clear about your needs.

Your sugar daddy will appreciate it if you set the terms of the relationship early on so there’s no confusion. If you want a weekly salary or expect him to pay some of your expenses, like your rent, let him know so that he knows exactly what you need from the beginning. If you only want to meet him once or twice a week, then tell him this so he doesn’t expect more.
Being clear about your needs will also help establish the terms of the relationship. This will ensure that you’re both looking for the same thing. If you want the freedom to see other people while you’re dating, you can make this clear from the beginning, too. Don’t feel shy about telling him what you want — he’ll appreciate your honesty and may even find it refreshing.

2.Be attentive to your looks.

You don’t have to be a hot twenty year old with double-d breasts to appeal to a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are looking for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes, so don’t feel self-concious if you’re over forty or if your figure doesn’t resemble a Barbie doll’s. What’s important is that you spend time maintaining the looks that you do have by showering daily, styling your hair, and wearing flattering and appealing clothing
Take the time to style your hair and to put on some make-up. You could find a sugar daddy at any time and want to look your best when you do.You don’t have to look like a porn star to appeal to a sugar daddy. Many sugar daddies prefer the natural look.

3. Be self-assured.

If you want to appeal to a sugar daddy, you should be confident and self-assured, and ready to call the shots. He may be feeling shy about being a sugar daddy or unsure about how to proceed, and he’ll appreciate it if you know what you’re doing and aren’t shy about asking for the things you need. Hold your head high, smile proudly, and introduce yourself with pride 
There’s a difference between being self-assured and bossy. Let the sugar daddy tell you what he’s thinking, what he wants, and how you can help. Don’t try to be so self-assured that you ignore his needs completely.

4. Be independent.

A sugar daddy isn’t looking for a life partner or a woman who will do all of his laundry and grocery shopping for him — he probably has a maid for that anyway. He’s looking for a woman who is fun and exciting, but who also has her own life, interests, friends, and plans when he isn’t around. If you seem clingy, obsessed over his schedule, or like you always want to be around, he’ll be turned off fast Don’t meet with the sugar daddy more than two or three times a week — if you try to see him more than that, he’ ll think you’ re getting attached Avoid sleeping over too much if you can. If you start sleeping over at your sugar daddy’s place all the time, it’ ll start to look like you want to move in and stick around. 
Be open about your plans. If you’ re having a night out with your girlfriends, let him know. He’ll only want you more if he’s a little jealous. If you’ re both clear about the fact that you’ re in an open relationship, tell him when you’ re going out on a date with someone else. This will only make you look more independent.

5. Be sexy.

Sugar daddies want sexy women who will fulfill their needs. If you really want to find a sugar daddy, then you should look and act sexy as much as possible. Look sexy by wearing sexy clothes, wearing make-up to create smoky eyes, and wearing some sexy lingerie in the bedroom. You can act sexy by licking your lips, touching your sugar daddy just enough to turn him on, and by sending him sexy texts or even talking dirty over the phone.
If you really want a sugar daddy, you should have some sexual experience. Sugar daddies want women who are comfortable in the bedroom. You should know what you’ re doing and should be prepared to give him what he needs. You don’t have to wear provocative clothing to be sexy — just wear something that compliments your figure and makes your sugar daddy want you more. place for mutually beneficial relationships. you will get what you want from here.